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"Kazbek" 5 years

Majesty of mountains
Age (Minimum):
5 years
15 gr/dm³
"Kazbek" - a line of brandy produced by classical technology by double distillation of the wort, obtained on the basis of Dagestan grape raw materials. The name comes from the majestic snow-capped Kazbek peak. As with all varieties created in Kizlyar, the Kazbek brandy is characterized by a special style, recognizable taste and aroma. The drink demonstrates excellent organoleptic data, has a deep aroma with hints of fruit and oak, as well as a well-structured taste, in which delicate floral notes are distinguishable. The finish is filled with echoes of sweet vanilla. The line "Kazbek" consists of young varieties kept in oak from 3 to 5 years. Brandy "Kazbek" can serve as an excellent digestif or an excellent cocktail option. Beverage supply temperature 18-21 °.

Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to your health