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Genuine passion
Age (Minimum):
6 years
15 gr/dm³
The legendary brand "Lezginka" has been produced since 1963. For the production of used alcohols for at least 6 years of aging in barrels of Caucasian mountain oak. The drink embodies all the flavor, energy and brilliance of the national dance of Dagestan. He will definitely make you start dancing. "Lezginka" is one of the best-selling brandy in Russia. Brandy conquers complex and multifaceted bouquet, as well as unsurpassed taste. The bouquet remembers the tones of hazelnuts and ripe fruit. In the taste of the confiture tones are revealed. The finish of the drink is elegant with a vanilla dominant. Brandy "Lezginka" burns, charms and fascinates. Beware of fakes!

Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to your health