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"Peter the Great"

The art of being first
Age (Minimum):
25 years
7 gr/dm³
Brandy "Peter the Great" is our pride. This is a brandy that embodies the traditions, invaluable experience and wealth of the history of Kizlyar. "Peter the Great" is aged in barrels of Caucasian mountain oak, which are produced in its own cooperage production. The color is dark golden with a chocolate tinge; the aroma contains complex tones of aged spirits consisting of noble shades of nutmeg, leather and vanilla. Old spirits reveal the potential of elegant and very harmonious. Taste smoothly transformed, giving shades of raisins and almonds. Long aftertaste brandy, with all the taste load, does not seem heavy. The drink is a natural quintessence of the whole brandy line of the Kizlyar Brandy Factory.

Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to your health