Kizlyar Brandy Factory

« Founded in 1885 »
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Grape vodka "Kizlyarka" Aged

Age (Minimum):
18 months
10 gr/dm³
Aging of wine alcohols in barrels of mountain Caucasian oak favorably affects the taste and aroma of the vodka "Kizlyarka" Aged. According to its characteristics, it is approaching such noble drinks as cognac and brandy. The color is dark straw. Taste is noble, saturated with pronounced vanilla and floral tones. "Kizlyarka" Aged is the pearl of the grape vodka collection of the Kizlyar Brandy Factory. The drink goes well with fried or baked meat, vegetables and other dishes. Easy to mate, which allows you to use the drink to create first-class cocktails.

Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to your health