Kizlyar Brandy Factory

« Founded in 1885 »
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Grape vodka "Kizlyarka" Original

10 gr/dm³
The history of this drink originates from 1657. In Russia, for the first time, grape vodka began to be prepared in Kizlyar, according to a recipe brought from France. It is known that Emperor Peter the Great, an expert and connoisseur of strong drinks, himself came to Kizlyar to evaluate the products of local distilleries. “As a drink, you drink - another wants, another drink - on the third the soul burns,” said Peter I with admiration about local drinks. Vodka grape "Kizlyarka" Original is prepared according to a special recipe of the masters of the plant. The taste is soft, elegant with floral tones. The color is light straw with a brilliant shine. Vodka "Kizlyarka" is served chilled, it is suitable for dishes from meat and vegetables, it is especially well combined with refined snacks, for example, with caviar or other seafood. To use this vodka should be slowly from small glasses, savoring every sip.

Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to your health