Kizlyar Brandy Factory

« Founded in 1885 »
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Vodka "Kizlyarka" Apple

10 gr/dm³
Fruit vodka "Kizlyarka" — new original product developed by the specialists of the plant. It is made from selected distillates obtained from the best apple varieties. Due to the fact that the drink goes through a multi-level cleaning system, it turns out to be unusually gentle and soft. The strength of the drink is almost not felt due to the correct balance of all the ingredients included in its composition. The aroma is distinguished by a small tartness and saturation, in it wonderfully intertwined strong spirit shades with the incredible freshness of ripe apple fruits. Product color is light amber. Vodka "Kizlyarka" is served chilled, it is suitable for dishes from meat and vegetables, it is especially well combined with refined snacks, for example, with caviar or other seafood. To use this vodka should be slowly from small glasses, savoring every sip.

Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to your health