Kizlyar Brandy Factory

« Founded in 1885 »
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Vodka "Kizlyarka" Apricot

10 gr/dm³
Vodka "Kizlyarka" Apricot is made from selected fruit distillates. The color of the drink is crystal clear and transparent, without the addition of any colorants. Vodka is endowed with a sweetish taste, which hides juicy apricot notes and a pleasant vanilla aftertaste. The aroma is pleasant, with hints of ripe and juicy apricot. Vodka "Kizlyarka" served chilled, suitable for any dishes, especially well with seafood and meat. To use this vodka should be slowly from small glasses, savoring every sip. The drink is suitable for lovers of cocktails, easily served for pairing.

Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to your health