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Cognac as art

Cognac is the liquor of the gods... 
Victor Hugo,

Half a century ago, cognac was taken to drink at any time of the day, diluting it with clean or sparkling water. Only the best, seasoned cognacs were offered at the end of the meal for its worthy completion. Subsequently, the custom of using cognac as an aperitif was forgotten. Pursued by one goal - increasing the prestige of products. However, in the last decade, the situation has changed - lost traditions began to revive. Cognac, offered with sparkling water, tonic or ice, is indeed a good aperitif or digestif. Most researchers agree that it helps digestion.

The combination of brandy with champagne or vermouth can be very interesting. Of course, only a young, inexpensive product should be served in this way. Any additives in a glass of brandy, aged more than 15 years, are unacceptable - this behavior demonstrates not only disrespect for the master who created the brandy, but also his own ignorance, inability to appreciate the quality of the proposed miracle.

You can really feel the taste and texture of cognac only with proper use. According to the classic canons, the “Rule of Three C” says: first you drink coffee (coffee), then cognac (cognac) and then you light a cigar (cigar). The second classical rule prohibits eating lemon brandy, because citrus fruits always distort the bouquet and often interrupt the taste sensations. Rule three: never heat a glass of brandy! With such a supply of the drink, the volatile compounds entering it evaporate and it is no longer possible to restore them. Only by observing these truths can you get maximum pleasure from every cognac.

Do not forget that cognac is an intimate drink. They need to enjoy in a quiet environment, in the circle of close friends, beloved or loved one. Experts are convinced that only following all the above recommendations, you can get real pleasure from this drink.

Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to your health