Kizlyar Brandy Factory

« Founded in 1885 »
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About factory

Behind the high peaks, in the heart of a beautiful country, among the fertile plains is this famous wine-makers Kizlyar - a city that gave Russia a great legendary brandy. Each page of its history is saturated with the aromas of mountain air, the tart breeze of the Terek and the burning sun of the Caucasus.


The history of Kizlyar begins in the 17th century. At that time, the Kizlyar translation, which connected the Caucasus and the East, was of great importance. Local residents raised sheep, successfully selling their goods to visiting merchants. The mild climate, fertile land and rich harvest inspired the people of Kizlyar to plant fruit and vineyards. 

For the first time the status of winemakers identified Peter the Great. He issued a decree on freedom of distillation, allowing people to produce alcohol for themselves and for sale. The emperor was a great connoisseur of strong drinks, so he came to Kizlyar to evaluate the products of local distilleries. “As you drink the chara - you want another, you drink another — for the third soul it burns,” Peter admired in local drinks.

The origin of brandy production.

Merchants from different countries began to arrive in Kizlyar. Winegrowers from Germany and France brought here rare varieties of grapes, patiently planted and pruned each young vine. Local winemakers used traditional for the region varieties of berries, accumulated technology and opened a private distillery.

Glory in the development of new production technologies deservedly belongs to Kizlyar masters. It was we who noticed the unique notes and taste of local grapes and began to skillfully use our knowledge in the distillery industry. A new product was not long in coming. The first strong drink was Kizlyarka vodka. According to visiting Frenchmen, after aging in oak barrels, this vodka resembled cognac.

«Kizlyarka (local grape vodka) similar to French vodka and has a high taste», 

— so wrote about the local drink, Alexander Dumas-father, who visited Kizlyar at the end of the XIX century.

Kizlyar brandy becomes famous since 1885, when professional winemaker David Sarajev combined several distilleries. Few people knew then that in a few decades this factory would turn into the largest production - Kizlyar Brandy Factory.

Success to David Saradzhevu brought a unique recipe. He was the first to withstand grape alcohol in barrels of Caucasian mountain oak and produce brandy with an amazing taste. Thus began the chronicle of the classic brandy production in Russia.

Traditions of ancestors we honor today. Every drop of our brandy is history. Velvety, tart and persistent, bewitching and fascinating, alluring and burning - the success story of this BRANDY.

Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to your health