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Brandy "Lezginka": 55 years of genuine passion

The most recognizable Dagestan cognac "Lezginka" has been produced by Kizlyar Cognac Factory since 1963. During this time, the drink has become one of the most popular in Russia and in the CIS countries. At the international exhibitions and competitions "Lezginka" won more than 50 gold medals.

The first brand cognac in Russia was made in 1955, after the completion of a large-scale reconstruction of the Kizlyar Brandy Factory. Initially, for the manufacture of this brandy used alcohol 6-7 years old in oak barrels. Later, in 1963, adding to the bouquet other aged spirits, he was named "Lezginka", in honor of the famous dance and choreographic ensemble. Since then, "Lezginka" - a trademark owned Kizlyarsky brandy factory.

There have been attempts to "select" the trademark, but were unsuccessful. Kizlyar Brandy Factory defended its rights to the Lezginka trademark in court. Despite the fact that the products of the plant with this name have been present on the market for many years, CJSC “VKZ Dagvino” tried to register a similar trademark. Three years of proceedings resulted in a decision in favor of the KPC.

She received her first award "Lezginka" at the All-Union Cognac Tasting in Yerevan in 1968. Two years later, Lezginka was again recognized as the best at the Brandy Competition in Yalta (1970). Since then, this brandy has become one of the most popular brandies in Russia. One of the most significant awards "Lezginka" received in 2012 at the International Cognac Competition "KVINT-2012" in France. Then the drink was awarded a silver medal, giving way to the owners of the competition. In the same place, cognac received a gold medal for the best product design.

At the same time, Lezginka cognac is the most forged brand. The drink is in great demand among consumers, and smugglers enjoy this as well, producing fake products under this brand. In order to combat the fake, the KKZ changed the container and design, now the label is not glued, but is painted directly on the bottle with paint. Also, the plant uses laser application of the date of bottling.

To date, the production technology of this brandy has changed only slightly. If during the Soviet period it was released 42% by volume, then today the drink is produced according to international standards 40% by volume. For the production of spirits used 6-7 years old in barrels of Caucasian mountain oak. For the anniversary of the drink, Kizlyar masters produced two more versions of Lezginka of a more economical option. The first is made from aging alcohols for three years, and the second from five-year aging alcohols. New products are already available in stores.

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