Kizlyar Brandy Factory

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Happy New Year 2019!

Until the most long-awaited holiday there are only a few hours. On the coming New Year on behalf of the legendary Kizlyar Brandy Factory and on my own behalf, General Director Evgeny Druzhinin congratulated him.

“Dear friends, the New 2019 is approaching - the beloved holiday of all, which unites us with common hopes, new plans, and expectations of joyful changes.

In the outgoing year there were many difficulties, but they rallied us, forced us to open additional reserves of our own strength and capabilities. Last year was for our company a year of shock work and achievements. The company broke its own record for processing grapes in 2018. In Russia there is no other such large factory as Kizlyarsky Brandy Factory. I am sure that the New Year 2019 will bring even more positive and bring to the fulfillment of the most cherished desires.

Friends, I sincerely wish you the fulfillment of desires, good health, optimism and good luck! Happy New Year! ”, - says in the congratulation of Druzhinin.

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