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Kizlyar Brandy is recognized as the best at the exhibition “Wines of the Black Sea 2019”

As part of the Black Sea Wine Forum in Sochi, the annual tasting competition “Wines of the Black Sea 2019” was held, at which wines and spirits of the regions of Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Bulgaria, Greece, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Turkey were presented.

Most of all awards among the presented brandies and brandy won Kizlyar brandy factory. Brandy "Three Stars", "Lezginka 6", "Dagestan 13", "Peter the Great 25" and "Emperor All-Russian 30" received gold medals. At the same time, the three-year “Three Stars” brandy is recognized as the best among participants in the segment up to six years of exposure. In addition to brandy, Kizlyarka grape vodka won the silver medal.

“Once again, we have confirmed the high quality of drinks won by five gold and one silver medals, as well as the special prize“ The Best Cognac ”. Kizlyar Brandy Factory does not stop at the achieved results and strives to develop, to keep product quality at the highest level, ”commented Gadzhimurad Davudov, Chief Technologist of the Kizlyar Brandy Factory.

It should be noted that the products of Kizlyar Brandy Factory are very popular in the CIS countries. In 2018 alone, over 11.2 million bottles of Kizlyar brandy were sold in Russia. In addition to the CIS countries, eastern and European countries are showing interest in Kizlyar drinks.

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