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One of the world's best winemakers, Vladimir Grigoryants, would have turned 70 years old

Hereditary winemaker from Kizlyar Vladimir Grigoryants would have turned 70 years old on February 12. Honored Worker of Industry of the Republic of Dagestan, laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Dagestan, doctor of US winemaking, Academician of the International Academy of Real Economics, Cavalier of the Order of Peter the Great, Order of Glory of Russia for many years headed the Kizlyar Brandy Factory.

It is difficult to imagine Kizlyar land and its history without viticulture and winemaking. These crafts since ancient times were considered a family affair. The history of their origin and development was associated with famous surnames of Armenian families. Today, few Russians, having heard the name of our city, will not remember its glorious cognacs. This product has become the hallmark of Kizlyar. They know not only all over Russia, but also far beyond its exquisite taste qualities of Kizlyar brandies and their unique aroma.

Jean – Paul Camus, the head of perhaps the most famous French cognac house Camu in the world today, producing the legendary Napoleon cognac, once said that making fine cognac is easy, if there is a great grandfather, grandfather and father who devoted all of this own life.

So it was in the family Grigoriants. They arrived in the city in 1915. The friendly and hardworking family, where the responsibilities of each were distributed as scheduled, did not scare the difficulties. Most importantly, here, in the Kizlyar region, there were all the conditions for practicing one’s favorite thing - growing grapes. It was here that the father of Vladimir Sarkisovich learned from his father to plant grapes and care for the vine. Sarkis defended his homeland in the war with the Nazis, and then was the director of KPC.

Vladimir Sarkisovich was born in 1949. He graduated from school number 1 and entered the Dagestan State Polytechnic Institute, where he received a degree in engineering technology in canning. From 1968 to 1971, he worked as a laboratory assistant at the Department of Food Production of the Dagestan State University. IN AND. Lenin.

He officially began his labor activity in 1968, but was engaged in viticulture from childhood, like his father. The house had four hundred grape bushes, about forty varieties. His father taught him to prune grapes, plant them, tie them up.

In 1976, Vladimir Sarkisovich switched to a cognac factory for a merchandiser and a year later he became deputy director in charge of the supply and marketing of finished products. He was looking for ways to better product sales. The innate ability to convince, organizing gift, willingness to take risks, openness and interpersonal skills helped to achieve the intended goals.

In 1981, Grigoryants received a second diploma in higher education, having graduated from Moscow University in accordance with the technology of winemaking.

The years of restructuring were very difficult for the company. Vladimir Grigoriants, an enterprising, strong-willed and strong-willed person, decided to try his luck and save the enterprise, having headed it in 1991. The new CEO has set himself a difficult task for the team: to reorient the plant to produce old vintage cognacs and create new ones. The peak of this activity was to be a breakthrough on the world market. For this, the plant had enough cognac alcohol funds and materials. There were masters, enthusiasts of their work. The reconstruction of many workshops, wine storage. And the wise personnel policy of Vladimir Grigoryants allowed the plant to achieve significant success in a short time.

The director visited related enterprises in America, Spain, France, where he took over advanced technologies, best practices and introduced them at the Kizlyar Brandy Factory.

Now we can say with confidence that during the years of his leadership the plant has achieved the best results. If until 1991, the plant’s products won 26 gold and silver medals and one Grand Prix, then in 1994-95. - about 100. The total number of medals won by KKZ products in its entire history reached 400 by 2005, including 36 Grand Prix.

KKZ is a city-forming enterprise. Taxes paid by the plant accounted for almost 80% of the total revenue of the budget of the city of Kizlyar, which is almost 1 billion rubles. And the average salary at the enterprise is the highest in our city.

The work of Vladimir Sarkisovich was appreciated by the Russian government and the leadership of Dagestan.

For more than thirty years, he gave the cognac production and connected all his achievements with people who worked alongside him.

Unfortunately, in July 2016, Vladimir Sarkisovich was gone. But his glorious deeds and his memory will remain forever in the history of Kizlyar.

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